Digital Rage, founded by Romaan Shariff and Zakki Sait, is a pioneering force in integrated marketing. Our expertise spans social media management, web development, and performance marketing. Since 2023, we’ve redefined success by deploying impactful strategies that drive business growth. Our comprehensive approach amplifies brand visibility, enhances engagement, and optimizes overall digital performance.


Innovate. Amplify. Transcend.

Welcome to Digital Rage, the beating heart of Bengaluru’s digital innovation. Founded in 2023 by visionaries Romaan Shariff and Zakki Sait, we are the catalysts propelling brands towards digital greatness.

In the buzzing metropolis of Bengaluru, where innovation thrives, we planted our roots. Fuelled by a passion for transforming businesses, we wield creativity and technology as our tools to shape compelling digital stories that resonate across borders and captivate audiences globally.

At Digital Rage, we understand that in today’s hyper-connected world, your brand’s digital presence is its lifeline. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of digital virtuosos, each a maestro in their field, to craft bespoke strategies that skyrocket your brand’s visibility, engagement, and bottom line.

From startups with dreams to established titans seeking evolution, we’re here to empower your brand’s digital destiny. Our obsession with excellence means we don’t just meet expectations—we exceed them. We dive deep into the essence of your brand, distilling its uniqueness into breathtaking campaigns, visually arresting designs, and magnetic content that resonates powerfully with your audience.

Digital Rage isn’t just an agency; we’re your partners in digital conquest. We thrive when you do, and our mission is to see your brand soar to unprecedented heights in the digital cosmos.

Join us in this exhilarating journey where boundaries are shattered and possibilities are endless. Let’s revolutionize your brand’s digital narrative—partner with Digital Rage today, and let’s paint the digital canvas with your success story.

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